Brambleton Model Railway Club


Brambleton MRC is a model railway club with two extensive outdoor layouts, one O gauge and one SM32. The first to be constructed was the O gauge line which dates back over 40 years. The O gauge lines comprise of a double track circuit with spurs to a terminus. In all, there are 9 stations with approximately a quarter mile of track. More recently, construction has centred on our SM32 line which allows operation of 16mm narrow gauge trains.

Brambleton Model Railway Club can trace its roots back to 1947 when it began as an unofficial boys club. In January 1956 the formal club was formed with the aim of providing a youth based club for the benefit of young people in the Harpenden area who were interested in model railways. We first occupied an outdoor site in Roundwood Park before moving first to Wood End and then in 1961 to our present site adjacent to Highfield Oval (the home of Youth With a Mission) in Ambrose Lane, Harpenden.

The club's main aim is to provide a venue for members, and guests, to run stock over the realistic track distances that the layout provides. The club owns a certain amount of both O gauge and SM32 stock, but many members also run their own stock. The emphasis is on operation rather than detailed modelling of a particular period or location.

Last Updated : 4th Feb 2024
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